Multimedia Developer

My passion for design started as an adolescent, where became keen in sketching landscapes and blueprints. I began taking private art classes in grammar school, learned Adobe Creative Suite and AutoCAD in high school, and began developing physical 3D models with hopes of becoming an architect one day.

My collegiate studies started at the great Columbia College in Chicago, but unfortunately halfway through my freshmen year I was passenger to a near fatal car crash. Taking a couple of years off due to rehabilitation, I enrolled into the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, with a focus on Graphic Design.

Graduating from the Illinois Institute of Art, I found another passion, videography. I began directing music videos for local artists within the Chicagoland area, which grew into art events, live events, and commercials for small businesses. Thus moving to South Florida and becoming the lead content developer for one of the biggest Point-of-Sale providers in the southeastern United States, eventually leading to my current position as the multimedia developer for S2 Global.

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